Shower, Drought, Gardening

watering_cansCalifornia is facing mandatory water rationing lately.  Many households have legacy natural gas fired water heaters that take a minute or so to deliver hot water to point of use.  Discuss.

Cog: Hey, I know, get a wide mouth flexible hose, hook it to the tub spout or shower head and siphon it into a watering can below until output is hot, then remove and start your shower.  Sort of a low tech, legacy grey water solution.  Curious, maybe more geek fun than practical.  Heart what do you think?

Heart: My bathroom is a sacred space.  A sanctuary of cleanliness and tranquility where I can rinse away the hubbub of the day, and relax in the quiet calm of soothing silence.  I’m talking bubbles.  Lots of bubbles.  Floating candles.  Gentle music.  Essential oils.  In short, when I’m ready to expunge the nitty gritty from my body, the last thing I want to do is wrestle with a tangle of hoses, blow or suck on rubber tubes and trip over dirty buckets.  Don’t get me wrong—I’m extremely conscious of the drought conditions right now.  My favorite duck couple is having to teach their ducklings to swim in street puddles from errant sprinklers because the creek is dry.  But I don’t think the answer is in creating DIY laboratory facilities at every sink!  Rather, let’s innovate around easy-to-deploy, marketable solutions that reuse grey waste and help ensure no drop is wasted!

Yours truly, H&C

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